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Acrylic, Watercolour and Oil Paintings:

Wait Up



It's A Fun World Out There

I'm Back

I Will Follow You

Where Are You

No Privacy

Alpha & Beta

Betta Bubble

More Bubbles

Oh Bubbles

Bubbly Baby Snake


Virtual PEdicure

The Magical Great Wall

Before They Bulldoze It

Before They Bulldoze It 2

My Toronto

Sydney Harbour

My Sanctuary

Lotus Dream

Perky Daisies

Bubble Tree

I Can See Clearly Now

Love Is In The Air

Parrot Eye

Thank you My Love


The Best Scarecrow

Here Comes The Bulldozer

Pretending It's Not There

Dream of A Water Droplet

Dream of A Water Droplet

After The Dust Has Settled

I Hear A Buzz

Chasing Dreams

Sending My Love Across The Ocean

Watching Out For You On Rainy Days

It's A Beautiful Day

Peace and Purity

Sweet Pea

Rise Up Rise Up

Rise Up Rise Up

It Is Freezing Cold

Digital Art:

Virtual Fight

Bubbly Rabbit

Cheerful Cattails

Lollipo Flowers

Happy Tadpoles

Jump For Joy

Dandelions Are Free

Butterflies Are Free

Will I Fit In

Easter Chicks

Panda Collection:
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