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Digital Paintings by OiYee Tai

Title: Will I Fit In ?

I am ecstatic that China will be loaning a pair of pandas to the Metro Toronto Zoo for a period of 5 years! I hope the pandas will adjust to the Canadian environment. It reminds me of the time when I first immigrated to Canada, not sure if I would be welcome or if I could fit in.

Title: Dandelions Are Free

I created this while stuck at home recovering, wishing I could be free like the dandelions

Title: Butterflies are Free

...and wishing to be free like the butterflies

Title: Lollipop Flowers

Art is a healing force. I brightened up my days with splashes of colour

Title: Cheerful Cattails

Title: Easter Chicks

Title: Jump For Joy

I must thank my pet betta fish for the inspiration I get from it for my paintings.

Title: Virtual Fight

Alpha and Beta, my pet betta fish in a divided tank, having a virtual fight.

Title: Bubbly New Year

Wishing everybody a bubbly Year of the Rabbit!

Title: Happy Tadpoles

Title: Before They Bulldoze It 3
The farm behind my house has been sold to developers and I did a series "Before They Bulldoze It" in watercolour and acrylic, trying to capture the beauty of the farm before they bulldoze it. This is a digital scribble I did as part of that series.

Title: Self Portrait